Floor Heating Cable (FHC-SX-06)

  • XLPE Insulated Heating Element
  • Multi-strand Earth Wire
  • XLPE Insulated Return Wire
  • Al Foil for 100% Shielding
  • PVC (HR-FR) Insulated Outer Jacket
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Part Code: FHC-SX-06



Radiant floor heating is a low-temperature technology that may be regulated individually in each area. Because it warms the people and item directly rather than heating air.


Element Conductor size 0.076mm2 /0.30mm2 CuNi/SSSingle
Insulation XLPE
Shielding Aluminium Foil For 100% Coverage
Earth Wire Multi-strand
Jacket  PVC (HR-FR)
Power Output per Meter 06 Watt / Meter
Standard Voltage 230 Volt AC


  1. This cable is specially used for in-door floor heating cable Villas / Flats & apartment /Hotels /Supermarket/Industries/Corporate offices.
  2. It is suitable for dry floors and laminated floors
  3. Easily laid down on the floor as it is a much more flexible cable.
  4. It can be easily used with a mat too.


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