FASTCAL 3000 (High Temperature Black-Body Calibrator)

Temperature Range: 600°C to 3000°C

Wavelength: 1000 nm or 1600 nm (Pyrometer)

Resolution: 0.1 °C

Emissivity: 0.99

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FastCAL 3000 is a high temperature blackbody source with a capacity to produce high temperature using high emissivity emitter(graphite tube) and at the same time stabilize at the required temperature within a few minutes.

It is mainly used to calibrate non-contact temperature sensors. Step change in temperature is achievable within seconds. The graphite tube has an emitter diameter of 25mm (1.00") and an emissivity of +0.995 ±0.005. Target temperature is sensed by a non contact temperature sensor/Pyrometer which gives a feedback to PID controller to regulate the cavity temperature precisely to the desired set points. Remote set point is achieved via RS-232 C communication port.

All safety features to protect equipment and operator are easily accessible.



Temperature Range 600°C to 3000°C
Method of Control PID controller Eurotherm make 2604
Controlling Sensor Pyrometer, Make AST Model 250
Wavelength 1000 nm or 1600 nm (Pyrometer)
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C
Emissivity 0.99
Cavity Graphite Dual cavity blackbody, one side for control and one side for measurement
Heating Aperture 25mm, other sizes also available as per user request.
Cooling Water cooling system through chiller unit.
Purge Gas Argon gas flow with 10-12 LPM respec
Purity of Gas
Heating Time Approx 5 minutes from 600 to 3000°C
Safety Interlocks Cooling water over-temperature, Low purge gas flow, cooling water flow, over
current and over-temperature protection.
Remote Controller Set Point control and temperature monitoring by RS 232/485/USB
Ambient Temperature Ambient ±15°C
Power 440VAC, Two-Phase AC 50/60 Hz 60 KW or Customized
Dimension Chiller
1310mm(H) x 820mm(W) x 850mm(D)
Dimension of FASTCAL 3000 1880mm(H) x 900mm(W) x 1205mm(D)
Weight of Chiller 200 kg
Weight of FASTCAL 3000
755 Kg approx.

Key Features

  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Safety Interlocks
  • Speed
  • Accuracy and Emissivity
  • Accredited calibration
  • Computer Interface


  • Chiller Unit : Chiller unit separately provided with
    FASTCAL 3000 for cooling purposes also use for safety
    interlock for high temperature protection
  • NABL accredited calibration certificate (Optional)
  • Operational Manual
  • Heating assembly



CE Certified


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