FASTCAL 3000 High Temperature Black Body Source

Wavelength: 1000 nm or 1600 nm (Pyrometer)

Cavity Temp. Accuracy: ± 0.25 % of set temperature ±1°C

Temperature Stability: ±1°C

Emissivity: 0.995 ±0.005

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FastCAL 3000 is a high temperature blackbody source with a capacity to produce high temperature using high emissivity emitter(graphite tube) and at the same time stabilize at the required temperature within a few minutes.

It is mainly used to calibrate non-contact temperature sensors. Step change in temperature is achievable within seconds. The graphite tube has an emitter diameter of 25mm (1.00") and an emissivity of +0.995 ±0.005. Target temperature is sensed by a non contact temperature sensor/Pyrometer which gives a feedback to PID controller to regulate the cavity temperature precisely to the desired set points. Remote set point is achieved via RS-232 C communication port.

All safety features to protect equipment and operator are easily accessible.

Cavity Closed end graphite tube Length -292mm Heated Length - 127mm
Heating Aperture/Cavity Diameter
Graphite tube with argon gas purge diameter 25mm
Water cooled, recommended re-circulation system. All units include water cooled reflector around the blackbody to reduce the heat load to the room. A Chiller unit will be provided with the system.
Purge Gas Dry Argon gas flow with 7-10 LPM
Heating Time
Approx 5 Minute from ambient to 3000°C
Safety Interlocks
Cooling water over temperature, Low purge gas flow, low cooling water flow rate, over current and over temperature protection.
Controlling Sensor
Method of Control PID controller Eurotherm make(Option - HMI & Data Logging)
Remote Controller Set Point control and temperature monitoring by RS-232/Rs-485
Ambient Temperature 0°C to 50°C
Power 230 VAC ±10°C 50Hz (Three phase/Two Phase/Single Phase)
Dimension 1700mm(H) x 900mm(W) x 1200mm(D)
Weight 300 Kg
  • Water flow failure
  • Increase in water temperature
  • Argon gas flow failure
  • Over current

CE Certified

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