Drilled Bar Stock Thermowell with Taper, SS 304, 2"150#RF,25 to 18 mm dia, 250 mm length

Tempsens Make Drilled Bar Stock Tapered Thermowell with Flange:-
TW/Flange Material: SS 304
Instrument Connection: 1/2"NPT
Process Connection: 2"150#RF
TW Dia 1 / TW Dia 2 : 25 / 18 mm
Insertion Length (IL):200 mm
T Length: 50mm
Total Length (TL):250mm
Inner Dia (ID): 7mm
Tapered Length (L1): 150mm

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Part Code: A-111-304-25-18-7-2#150RF-304-1/2NPT-150-50-200



Thermowell is closed-end reentrant tube designed for the insertion of a temperature-sensing element and provided with means for a pressure-tight attachment to a vessel. Thermowell with Flange as process connection are preferred for application where the media is corrosive and frequent replacement of the sensor is required without process shutdown. This design has a tapered length of 150 mm which increases the response time of the sensor.


Thermowell and Flange Material SS 304
Instrument Connection 1/2" NPT
Process Connection 2"150#RF
Thermowell Diameter 1 25 mm
Thermowell Diameter 2 18 mm
Insertion Length 200 mm
T Length 50 mm
Taper Length 150 mm
Total Length
250 mm
Bore Diameter
7 mm

Key Features

  • Rugged design as per industrial standards
  • SS 304, SS 310, SS 316, Inconel 600, Cast Steel materials
  • 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 3/8", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2" process connections
  • 200, 350 and 500 mm Insertion Lengths(other lengths available on request)


ASME PTC19.3 TW-2073


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