3 Core Control Cable Silicon-Myler Tape-Copper Screen-Silicon CS-204

Tempsens Make 3 Core Control Cable


Conductor: : Annealed Tinned Copper Conductor, as per IS 8130


Conductor size: 0.75 Sqmm, Stranded


Core Insulation : Silicon


Isolator : Myler Tape


Screening : Copper Braided Wire


Outer Sheath : Silicon


Sheath Color: Grey


Temperature Range: Up to 200 °C


Qty:   1 (1 = 100 Mtr Roll)

In stock

Part Code: CS-204-TPC-03-BWB-T



Control Cable is a flexible instrumentation cable designed for measuring, control or regulation in the field of process automation. Multicore Control Cables are specially designed for communication & panel controls for transmission of DC or Low Frequency AC signals.

Tempsens offer a wide range of Control Cable up to 1.1 KV Voltage Grades. These control cables are manufactured as per IS 1554: 88 (Part 1), JSS 51034, IS 9968 standards with latest amendment.


Conductor Material Annealed Tinned Copper Conductor
Codnuctor Size
0.75 sqmm (24x0.2mm)
Conductor Type
No. of Core 03
Core Insulation Silicon Insulation
Myler Tape
Coper Braided wire
Sheath Material
Silicon Sheath
Core Color
White , Blue & Brown
Sheath Color Grey
Temperature Range
Up to 200 °C

Key Features

  • Temp. Up to 200°C
  • Good Heat Resistant
  • Excellent Flexibility
  • Outstanding Insulating Properties
  • Flame Retardant
  • Halogen Free
  • Excellent Resistance to External Electromagnetic Signals


BS 50288-7

IS 6380

IS 8130

IS 9968


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