Thermocouples are temperature sensors made up of two dissimilar metals which are joined at one end forming a hot junction and the open wire end acting as the cold junction, the hot junction is in contact with the process. When the measuring point i.e. hot junction gets heated there is an EMF produced at the cold junction, which is produced due to difference in electron density of the two dissimilar metals and the temperature difference between cold end and hot end.

We at Tempsens offer various models of standard thermal sensors, including all types of accessories all of which meet the most diverse technical requirements. We offer thermocouples that are highly resistant to vibrations, corrosion etc.

Thermocouple elements are made from metals that have material-specific electronegativities in order to achieve the highest possible thermoelectric voltages. Thermocouples are available in both class 1 and class 2 as per IEC 60584 and some standard and special classes in accordance with ASTME230.

Thermocouple Constructions

Base Metal Thermocouples With Thermowells / Protection Tubes

Tempsens offers wide range of Base Metal Thermocouples.They are rugged design, suited for tough industrial use

MI Thermocouples

Mineral Insulated thermocouples are rugged in nature and bendable and their fairly high temperature ratings make them a popular choice for a multitude of temperature measuring applications.

Noble Metal Thermocouples

Noble metal thermocouples are used for applications where the medium is highly oxidizing and inert.

Refractory Thermocouples

Refractory Thermocouple - G, C, D (operating temperature upto 2300ºC). These are used for high temperature, reducing or vacuum atmosphere conditions.

Special Thermocouple Types

Special design thermocouples include temperature sensors for applications such as Molten aluminium temperature measurement, temperature measurement at multiple points, surface temperature measurement etc.