Coil Heater

  • High Heating and high performance in compact spaces
  • Available in various cross section (circular and rectangular) and sizes
  • Can be formed in any geometrical shape
  • Can accommodate integrated thermocouple for precise temperature control and quick response.
  • Maximum power rating 2000 W
  • Temperature range as high as 750°C
  • Power supply 240 VAC, 415 VAC
  • Available with various Configuration and exit styles
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Coil heaters are an advance concept of thermal engineering and are also known as high performance tubular heaters or cable heaters. Coil heaters offers high heating profile and high performance in compact spaces up to temperatures as high as 750°C. Available in Various cross sections and sizes, coil heaters are not only straight and coil form but can be formed into almost in any geometrical shape. Coil heaters can be closely wound to provide concentrated heat or can be stretched to fulfil distributed wattage needs. Coil heaters can also accommodate integrated thermocouple for precise temperature control and quick response. Thermocouple can be of type ‘J’ and type ‘K’, and can be terminated anywhere within the coil section.

Available with variety of wattages, surface loads, customized heat distribution, wall thickness and mounting options coil heaters found its applications in variety of industries and are economically feasible one. Coil heaters are also available with various exit styles and configurations to suit the requirement of the application.



Sizes Available in variety of sizes, both in conical and rectangular shaped profiles
Sheath Material Stainless Steel/ Incoloy
Power Rating Upto 2000 W
Maximum Temperature Upto 750°C
Power Supply 240 VAC, 415 VAC
Wattage tolerance
Resistance tolerance-
Length Tolerance ± 5%
Heater Parameters Customized power rating, voltages, resistance, and dimensions


Key Features

  • High heating profile in compact spaces
  • High performance and economical
  • Precise Temperature control
  • Fast response time
  • Integrated Thermocouple
  • Available in variety of coiling and exit styles




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