Circulation Heater

  • Compact heating system with fast heating of process fluid
  • Single staged or multi staged vessels depending on process requirements
  • Installation- Horizontal/ Vertical
  • Pressure Vessel material- LTCS/ CS / SS, Alloys etc
  • Power rating 1kW to 10,000kW (max) in single bundle or combination
  • Design Temperature -40°C to 650°C
  • Design Pressure upto 350 bar(g)
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Circulation  heater  is  a  combined  unit  of Electric heater bundle inserted inside a Pressure vessel or shell, in which fluid will be flowing continuously. It is a compact heating system with fast heating of the process fluids.

The Circulation heaters are designed in such a way that cold process fluid enters the pressure vessel through inlet nozzle at a low temperature, passes though the active zone of the heater bundle and leaves the vessel through outlet nozzle at desired high temperature. The system is designed in such a way that heating element  skin  temperature  and  the  pressure drop across the nozzles are maintained within permissible limits. The Circulation heater system can be designed in single stage vessel or multi stage vessels based on the process requirements. The System can be installed vertically or horizontally based on the requirement and space availability.



Power Rating 1kW to 10,000kW (Max) in Single Bundle or combination
Design Temperature -40 deg C to 650 degree C
Design Pressure Upto 350 bar(g)
Pressure Vessel LTCS/ CS / SS, Alloys etc
Heating Elements Mineral filled insulated Heating Elements or Tubular heating Elements with Ni-Cr (80-20) as heating Coil and suitable outer sheaths.
Terminal Enclosure*: As required (Weather proof or Flameproof).
Control System Thyristor control Panel + Local control Stations. ( Safe area or Hazardous area)
Protections & control

Element Skin Temperature controls process temperature control

Earth leakage protection. Overload current protection.

Temperature class Protection ( for Hazardous area only)
Installation Horizontal / Vertical

Will be provided based n Requirement.

( U,U2, PED, ATEX, IEC Ex, CCOE, DOSH etc)


Key Features

  • Environment friendly design. No hazardous gas / smoke/ emission from the system.

  • Compact design for quick heating of continuous flow.

  • Can be used for short duration operation as well as continuous operation.

  • Precision Temperature control

  • Can be accommodated in small foot prints.

  • Custom designed to meet specifications.

  • Highly energy efficient and provide maximum dielectric strength.

  • Compatible with standard industry piping and safety standards.

  • Reliable design

  • Easy to operate and maintenance friendly

  • Energy Saving




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