Non-Stick coatings and Low Temperature Tempering Process

Teflon and dacromat coatings are non stick coatings which requires high temperature curing upto 450°C. These type of coatings are corrosion resistant and  used in non stick cookware, industrial fasteners and marine industry. It is very important to have proper temperature monitoring of the product to have better quality of coated parts. 

Low Temperature Tempering (1-2 Hours at a Temperature up to 250°C): Low temperature tempering is done to reduce brittleness without losing much hardness. The tempered martensitic double-phase structure increases the strength with some improvement in toughness, and reduction in internal stresses.Hardened steel parts requiring tempering are heated up to 200°C and then quenched in oil. Tempering is used to retain hard micro-structure of martensite which increases brittleness.Hardened steel parts requiring tempering are heated in the temperature range of 200-350°C.

To meet this need, Tempsens provides a selection of temperature profiling solutions made especially for use in the non-stick coating and low temperature process.


  • Aluminium aging
  • low temperature cure
  • automotive paint cure line
  • High-temperature coating cure applications like PTFE and dacromet alumi