Fiber Optic Series

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Fibre Optic Pyrometers are widely used in high ambient temperature applications without cooling. The fibre optic cable and optical head can withstand a maximum of 250°C easily while the pyrometer end can tolerate up to 70°C.

Fibre optic series models can be easily mounted close to the process in applications involving electromagnetic fields, as the optics and the Fibre cable are short of electronics, there is no interference of strong electromagnetic field on the pyrometer.

Key Features

  • The pyrometers are equipped with user selectable Analog outputs 4 - 20mA, 0 - 20mA, 0 -10 V and with USB 2.0 digital output and Bluetooth V2.0,RS-232/ RS-485 (user selectable) serial interface.
  • Fixed and variable optics are available.

Fiber Optic Series Models

A250 FO-PL

A250 FO-PL Pyrometer

Temperature Range: 250°C….1800°C

A450 FO-PL

A450 FO-PL Pyrometer

Temperature Range: 600°C…2500°C


A450C FO-PL Pyrometer

Temperature Range: 800°C to 3200°C


A250C FO-PL Pyrometer

Temperature Range :350°C to 1350°C

A250C+ FO-PL

A250C+ FO-PL Pyrometer

Temperature Range 350°C - 1000°C , 450°C - 1350°C

A450C+ FO PL

A450C+ FOPL Pyrometer

Temperature Range 600°C - 1600°C ,800°C - 2500°C ,1000°C - 3200°C