Portable Blackbody

Temperature Range: 20°C to 50°C

Stability: ±0.01°C at 37°C

Emissivity: 0.96 ±0.01

Temp Resolution: 0.01°C

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Calsys 37BB+

Part Code: Calsys 37BB+



CALsys 37BB+ calibration source is accurate and stable.Portable blackbody specially designed for increasing accuracy of thermal imager based human body temperature monitoring. This model uses a solid state thermoelectric coolers so that the block can be both cooled and heated. This brings two major benifits, the black body can maintain its set point in high ambient temperature conditions and it can also operate below the ambient temperature.The emissivity of the target is 0.96(±0.01). The temperature of the furnace is set and controlled by aself tuned PID controller with automatic super fine adjustment.


Temperature Range
20°C to 50°C
Temperature Resolution
±0.01°C at 37°C
Controlling Sensor
Precision PRT
Method of Control
Digital self tuned Eurotherm PID Controller
0.96 ±0.01
Time to Reach Max Temperature
10 to 15 Mins
Power Requirement
24VD, 150W
Dimensions of cabinet 200(H) X 150(W) X 175(D) mm (Approx)
Cavity High Emissive Painted Aluminum Plate
Target Area 70x70 mm
4Kg approx without packing

Key Features

  • High Accuracy
  • High Stability
  • Simple to use and cost-effective                                                          
  • Portability
  • It has Tripod/Wall Mounting provision
  • Provision for external reference sensor


  • Power Adapter
  • NABL Accredited Calibration Certificate
  • Operating Manual
  • High accuracy temperature probe with 0.01 Resolution Tempmet meter with NABL certificate (Optional)


CE Certified


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