CALsys -30/110 Low Temperature Dry Block Calibrator

Temperature Range: -30 to 110 °C

Stability: ±0.04°C at -30°C, ±0.06°C at 0°C, ±0.07°C at 110°C

Uniformity: ±0.05°C at -30°C, ±0.07°C at 0°C, ±0.08°C at 110°C

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CALsys -30/110

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The calibrator controller uses a precision RTD as a controlling sensor and controls the well temperature with thermoelectric cooler. To obtain and maintain a required temperature the controller varies the power to the heater via solid-state relay. There is one electricity driven fan which is situated under the heating chamber for cooling the heater. The dry block calibrator was designed for portability, moderate cost and ease of operation.

This dry block furnace is based on thermo electric cooling circuitry. This model provides an special design isothermal enclosure (Aluminium block) in which the thermocouple/RTD can be calibrated against the temperature of the calibrator.


Temp Range -30 to 110 °C
Stability ±0.04°C at -30°C
±0.06°C at 0°C
±0.07°C at 110°C
Radial Uniformity ±0.05°C at -30°C
±0.07°C at 0°C
±0.08°C at 110°C
Immersion depth  120 mm
Fixed insert dimensions 32 mm
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C (0.01°C (optional)
Heating Time 10 Min.
Cooling Time
25 Min (110°C to -30°C)
Display  LCD,°C or °F user-selectable
Method of control Self Tuned PID Controller
Computer Interface USB
Power Requirement 230 VAC, 500W (5O Hz)
Size (HxWxD) 425(H) x 230 (W) x 305 (D) mm
Instrument Weight 11.70 Kg
Calibration Accredited calibration certificate provided (Optional)
Environmental operating conditions 0°C to 40°C, 0% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Specifications valid in environmental conditions l3°C ... 25°C
Input {Autocal -30/110) Four channels{one master and three test sensors) .high
quality universal LEMO connector suitable both for T/C
(J, K, N,T,R,S,B type) and RTD
Software Autocal -30/110) The calibrator will be provided with software for data
recording (Manual Mode) and Excel generation in Auto Mode
Data logging (Autocal -30/110) Data logging facility with logged data export to computer
through LAN port (optional USB )

Key Features

  • Wide Operating Range (-30 to110°C)
  • Lightweight, portable
  • Speed
  • Accuracy and performance
  • Accredited calibration
  • Computer Interface


  • Insert
  • Reference Standard RTD
  • Calsoft Software
  • Operational Manual
  • Carry Case
  • NABL accredited calibration certificate (Optional)


  • CE Standard construction


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