High Temperature Black Body Furnace CALsys 1500BB L1

Temperature Resolution: 1°C

Stability: ±0.2°C at 250°C  ±0.3°C at 800°C  ±0.5°C at 1500°C

Controlling Sensor: PT-RH/PT T/C

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CALsys 1500BB L1

Part Code: CALsys 1500BB L1



Calsys 1500BB SP offers easy to use blackbody calibrator with a high-temperature range from 250°C to 1500°C. It is a highly stable standard furnace for calibrating pyrometer and non-contact sensor. This calibrator can be used on-site for high-temperature calibration and also find application in the pyrometer industry, non-contact sensor calibration.
The unique feature of this black body furnace is large temperature control black body target of 40mm and 85mm long. The temperature of the calibrator is set and controlled by a self tuned PID controller with automatic super fine adjustment. Our newly designed Calsys 1500BB SP model offers better esthetic design and performance-wise upgraded to the next level.
With the Tempsens make Temperature Calibrator, you have chosen an extremely effective instrument which we hope will live up to all your expectations. This is a fast, timesaving, and reliable true industrial temperature calibrator designed for on-site use.  During the past several years, we have acquired extensive knowledge of industrial temperature calibration. This expertise is reflected in our products which are all designed for daily use in an industrial environment.


Temperature range 250°C to 1500°C
Stability ±0.2°C at 250°C
±0.3°C at 800°C
±0.5°C at 1500°C
Cavity type Silicon carbide
External Aparture 40 mm dia
Method of Control Self tunned PID controller
Cavity Diameter 46mm (85 mm depth)
Heating time 20 min
Resolution 1 °C
Display LCD, °C or °F user-selectable
Size (H x W x D) 590(H) x 450(W) x 530(D) mm
Weight 55 Kg
Power requirements 230 VAC, 3.0 KW(50 Hz)
Computer interface RS - 232
Calibration Accredited calibration certificate provided
Environmental operating conditions 0 °C to 40 °C, 0 % to 90 % RH (non-condensing)
Specifications valid in environmental conditions 13 °C … 33 °C


Key Features

  • Use of Silicon Carbide Spiral Rod Heaters
  • Wide Operating Range (250°C to 1500°C)
  • High Stability
  • PC interfacing
  • Simple to use and cost effective
  • Sighting tube


  • NABL accredited calibration certificate - 3 point(Optional)
  • Software - Cal Soft including for setting bath temperature and monitoring the PV. Graphical representations of PV/TIME with 2 hours data logging.
  • Operational Manual


CE Certified


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