Thermal Profiling System for Paint Curing Oven

Curing Ovens

Problems Faced By Powder Coating/Paint Industries

Paint cure ovens are used to heat painted components in order to cure the paint. They are most typically batch format ovens, where one load of parts is placed into the oven and heated at a time. They can be electric or gas-fueled. These ovens can be continuous for high-volume paint curing, and the parts are transported through the oven on a conveyor. Industrial enamels typically require 10 to 30 minutes to cure at 121°C to 204°C (250°F to 400°F). Some improvement in curing time occurs at lower temperatures, even as low at 37.78°C.

Major issues faced by the paint industries are as follows:-

• Wrinkling.
• Mottling or clouding.
• Softness.

All of the above issues are aroused due to insufficient drying time at a specific temperature.

In the automobile industry, Body in White (BIW) structures are gone through the coating process. Besides adding adhesives and binders, some high-strength materials are also added which change the strength during the painting process also called as bake hardenable. Also, the BIW structure will pass through a very sensitive paint curing process in which different heating zones with different process times are there. Therefore, Accurate information of oven parameters and proper monitoring is required. Nonetheless, BIW structure different parts are made of different materials. This means each different part has different behavior during the complete painting process due to microstructure and chemical composition.


Figure 1: Monitoring of paint curing process for an automobile part with the help of Tempsens Smartrack 10 data logger and Thermal barriers.


Indigenous Solution Provided by Tempsens

These problems can be resolved if we closely monitor the curing temperature for a specific c time interval. This will allow uniform curing of painted parts. Here, comes the role of our indigenously designed and developed in India Tempsens Smartack 10 data logger and Thermal barriers. With this temperature pro ling systems, one can closely monitor and optimize their paint curing duration and temperature. One can get a temperature monitoring system of the coating line by attaching a thermocouple to the product like a car test body and getting the actual temperature of the product in the data logger. The data logger needs protection from the prevailing temperature in the curing oven, which is done by keeping the data logger in the thermal barrier.


                                   Figure 2: Thermal Pro ling system developed by Tempses Instruments Pvt. Ltd.



                                               (a) Con guration Window in infralog Software  



                                (b) Graphical representation of Data stored in Smartrack 10 data logger


After the completion of the process, one can download the data from the data logger and convert it to meaningful information in infralog software developed by TEMPSENS. After analyzing the information one can take quick and accurate decisions to solve the curing problems leading to increased quality and productivity.


Customer Bene fits

• One can monitor, control and improve the curing process.
• Improve productivity and efficiency by using accurate pro le data to optimize oven performance and final products.
• Waste is eliminated and product quality is guaranteed.
• Highlight oven problems immediately and use data information to recommend corrective action.
• Powder coating manufacturers can prove that their oven provides the necessary cure schedule to give the physical and cosmetic coating properties required.

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