Thermal Camera Applications For Cement Industries

Thermal Camera Applications For Cement Industries

Cement is a very crucial material to build various infrastructure around us. Every infrastructure that we see today cement has an important role to play in it. Cement manufacturing is done using limestone and clay as a raw material. Limestone with other raw materials are poured into a rotating furnace which is called a Kiln. In the kiln the raw materials are heated upto a temperature approximately 1500 deg C. A clicker is produced as the raw material is processed in the kiln. Now further this clinker is treated and milled to form a “ Cement”. 

Now during the manufacturing process its really crucial to check the temp-erature in various processes. To check and maintain this temperature we use thermal imaging cameras in various applications. 

Use of Thermal Imaging Cameras in Cement Industries

Kiln Refractory Heathiness: A Rotary Kiln is one of the most critical plant items in the cement making process. It is often a vital requirement for operators to have a constant view of the kiln's internal operations on screen in the control room, in order to identify ring build ups, blockages or any shell damage at a very early stage. Thermal Cameras come in very handy in such problems. We can install online thermal imaging cameras to check the refractory surface healthiness. The thermal imaging cameras will provide any  hotspots on the surface lining of the kiln which indirectly indicate any damage in the refractory insulation. Once the hotspot is detected then in the next shutdown you can repair the refractory lining to increase the performance of the kiln. 

Recommended Models: ThermCAM-384

Electrical Panel and Motor Maintenance: Predictive maintenance of various high tension electrical panels is also very important for the smooth manufacturing process of cement. There are various faults that occur in an electrical panel like loose connection, over voltage, over loads etc which need to be addressed at the right time. So using portable thermal imaging cameras will tell you any abnormality at a very early stage to prevent that problem from becoming a serious concern. 


Recommended Models: Thermeye256