Nickel & Thermocouple Alloy

Nickel & thermocouple alloy used for temperature measurement. A wide range of thermocouple conductor with various sizes is available with meeting standard national & international standards such as ANSI MC 96.1, ASTM D2863, IS 8784 etc. For producing thermocouple element correct chemical composition is necessary to provide uniform and accurate thermoelectric properties. The alloys are melted, hot rolled and processed to final sizes by advanced technology. Believing in continuous enhancement all of the processes are constantly monitored at each step to ensure the best quality of the final product.

Processes Include:

Type Of Thermocouple Conductor:

Grade of Conductor Thermocouple Grade Conductors (Class 1 (special) Accuacy as per ANSI MC 96.1, IEC 60584.3 or other) Extension Grade Conductors (Class 2 Accuacy as per ANSI MC 96.1, IEC 60584.3 or other) Compensating Grade Conductor (Class 2 Accuracy as per IEC 60584.3 or other)
Type of Conductor K,T,J, N, E


Size 0.16 mm to 8 mm 0.16 mm to 8 mm 0.16 mm to 8 mm

Pure Nickel Conductor :

Nickel as a material has very high corrosion resistivity & high conductivity as well as high melting point. It has proper resistance, good radiation coefficient and provides great heat transfer coefficient. So the pure nickel products are mostly used for corrosion-resistance, and application involve high temperature. Dia : 0.16 to 3.0 mm


  • Excellent linearity, sensitivity, stability & homogeneity.
  • Excellent antioxidizing properties.
  • NABL Calibrated.
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI) tested.
  • Undergoes with various tests such as Tensile & Elongation,Proof Stress test, Bend test, Torsion test, Hardness test and many more.


  • Thermocouple sensors.
  • Extension & compensating conductors are used for making extension & compensating cables for extend the signal.
  • Pure Nickel Conductors are used in high temperature application for making high temperature cables & wires.
  • Pure nickel conductor is used in heater equipments.