Multipoint Thermocouple & Its Various Designs

A thermocouple is a commonly used sensor to measure process temperature and well known in modern control applications due to their moderately minimal effort and wide estimation ranges. Specifically, thermocouples dominate at estimating high temperatures where other regular sensor types can't work. 

Multipoint Thermocouple

Multipoint Thermocouples : 

Multipoint thermocouples precisely measure the temperature in different areas along the length of the sensor. They are especially recommended for distinguishing hotspots, uneven flow and are utilized in an assortment of uses where there is a huge or complex cycle and precise temperature is basic. Detecting temperature at a remote area during a cycle is worthy for some applications since temperature inclinations are regularly irrelevant. Introducing different, free temperature sensors might be unreasonable because of cost or space impediments. 

In numerous applications, the logging temperature profile of heaters, measure lines, compound reactors, petroleum treatment facilities, and petrochemical enterprises is required. There is the need to measure and screen the temperature in different areas, to guarantee the cycle is cost-proficient, precise, and safe.   Multipoint thermocouples are the best solutions for such requirements. It can measure from -200°C to 1250°C.   

Various designs of Multipoint Thermocouple :

Multipoint thermocouples are available in different designs, few are :

  • Freely Suspended multi-point thermocouple:

    With the advanced flexible multipoint thermocouple model, you get the upside of genuine temperature profiling in the vessel to identify hotspots, directing impacts, and misdistribution of material with a quick response time of 4 to 8 seconds. The sensors are directed around the perimeter of the reactors and then inwards to the necessary measuring point. These sensors are flexible and can be coiled for transportations.
  • Multi-point thermocouple with heat sink block:

    In this type, the sensor is attached with a heat transfer block to give double protection. The heat sink block is welded with the vessel body where the measuring sensor must be connected. The replacement & removal of the sensor during operation is permitted in this design. The sensor leans against the heat sink block to give a faster response time. 
  • Spring-loaded multi-point thermocouple:

    The design is outfitted with a bimetal spring-loaded arrangement to an individual sensor, to give positive contact between the measuring sensor and protection tube. The bimetallic spring is introduced into the protection tube in the unloaded position, and the association is accomplished when the heat is applied during the process. 
  • Multi-point thermocouple with guide tubes:

    Guide tubes are accommodated with every sensor to ensure exact placing of the sensor. In this type, guided tubes are attached to process, so doesn’t require re-welding on process tubes while replacing thermocouples. These guided tubes can be spring-loaded to make sure the sensor is in contact with the inner wall.
  • Multi-point thermocouple with Radial Arrangement:

    In this type, individual elements can be routed in any cylindrical shape and radial arrangement prevents possible influence on the function of the catalyst. We can achieve short response time and get fast information about the process, which helps to have fast & precise controlling.

Highlights of Multipoint thermocouple Assembly :  

  • Monitor temperatures in the process to guarantee a protected, precise, and cost proficient cycle.
  • Multiple detecting focuses on just a single termination point. 
  • Different thermocouples with various MOC conceivable.
  • Construction allows the client to replace individual elements without interrupting the whole process
  • Effectively measure temperature profile for different applications. 
  • Customized solutions are available as per the application requirement.
  • All sensors are completely Metal Sheathed MI (mineral insulated) type.

Major Industries served:

  • Refineries and Petrochemical.
  • Crude Oil and Gas Fertilizer. 
  • Chemical and petrochemical enterprises. 
  • Reactors and Distillation fractionators.
  • Catalytic reforming process.
  • Fuel depots, hydrocrackers and hydrotreaters.
  • Fluid catalytic cracking unit

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