FASTcal 3000


The FASTcal 3000 is a High Temperature Blackbody Calibrator for industrial calibration to calibrate pyrometer using automatic calibration software. The heating element is a closed end graphite cavity, which has emissivity of about 1. The system consists of various interlock features provided to prevent operational hazards.

Highlights of the product

— High emissivity of 0.995±0.005
— High accuracy
— High stability of ±1°C
— Temperature range : 500°C to 3000°C
— Reaches to 2300°C (from ambient) in just 5 minutes
— RS 232 or RS 485 port for serial output

— Pyrometer calibration
— Thermal imaging camera calibration

Safety Interlock in FASTcal 3000

There are two safety features in the unit:
The Argon gas purge : Argon gas is used to prevent the oxidation of graphite cavity, the recommended flow of the gas is 15-20 LPM, and it must be 99.99% pure.

—The Chiller unit :Demineralised water at 10-12°C is circulated in the copper block assembly, to keep it cool.