Automated Substation Hot-Spot Monitoring System (SparkView)



A Typical substation (SwitchYard) consists of CT ( Current Transformer), PT ( Power Transformer), CB ( Circuit Breakers), Surge or Lightning Arrester, Busbars, Earth Connectors, Potential Transformer, etc. These components are connected that form “joints”. Normally, over a period of time, these joints develop hot spots which require timely and daily monitoring. These hot spots may cause the breakdown of the substation which may result in a shutdown of plants which is dependent on power from the substation. It may also cause accidents. So, it is important to monitor “hot spots” in a substation regularly to prevent such breakdowns or accidents.

SparkView- Thermal Camera For Substation Monitoring: Substation Monitoring System detects hot-spots in switch-yard or substation, prepares reports against every potential host-spots in “joints”, keeps a record for analysis, and displays them in the control room.

SparkView helps in preventive maintenance of your substation and reduces the high expenses of maintenance charges.




Key Components of SparkView

  • ThermCAM-384: It is a high-resolution thermal camera that is the core of the SparkView- Substation Monitoring System. It uses a lens that is selected as per the desired area to measure hot spots in the switch-yard or substation.
  • 2MP Visual Camera: Visual Camera is used for better identification of the joints manually during the hot-spot location during installation from the control room or during any manual inspection remotely from the control room.
  • PT-Drive with Enclosure: This is a PAN and TILT System that helps the SparkView cover more areas per unit. It reduces the number of camera units required to cover the entire substation as a single unit can rotate 360° and tilt in the range of -85° to +40°.
  • SparkView™ Software: This is a Windows Based Thermal Image acquisition and processing software that detects hot-spot, generates reports automatically once or twice a day. The period can be configured. This software is the heart and mind of the SaprkView System. SparkView™ Software has many features which are useful for switchyard monitoring systems.

Apart from the above main components, a panel box that houses all power supplies, ( network equipment if any) is kept at the location near to the installation of the SparkView. Also, it is normally mounted on a rugged pole at an approx 45-degree angle to cover a large area of the switch-yard or substation.

Normally, at least a 1GBPS data link is required from the SparkView installation site to the control room where a PC installed with SparkView™ software is located. If the continuous monitor is not needed, then multiple ( up to 8) units of SparkView can be connected to the same data link as well as the same PC.

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