Highly Accurate On-line Two Color Infrared Focusable Non-contact Pyrometers

600°C to 1800°C

  • 0.75 - 1.05 μm; 1.0 - 1.1 μm for two colour, for single colour any of the channels can be used
  • Sighting through the lens with laser
  • Integrated OLED Display & Parameterizing Keys
  • Fast Response Time
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A450C+ is a highly accurate digital two-colour IR Focusable pyrometer to provide high performance and low maintenance of non-contact temperature measurement in demanding industrial and R&D environments. The Pyrometer measures the temperature of an object by calculating the ratio of the energies at two different wavelength bands. The ratio technique eliminates and reduces errors in temperature measurement caused by changes in Emissivity, Surface finish and energy-absorbing materials such as Water vapour etc.
The IR pyrometer parameters can be selected via the keypad on the back panel. The settings are displayed on the OLED Display. In the measuring mode, the real-time temperature is displayed. In Pyrometers with temperature and emissivity is displayed on the rear display screen. A450C+ has focusable optics for an optimal match of the instrument for various applications. The pyrometer is
equipped with RS-485 output; analog outputs 0/4….20mA. Switching laser ON/OFF does not affect the measurement.


  • Induction Heating
  • Annealing
  • Welding
  • Forging
  • Sintering
  • Melting
  • Rolling Mills
  • Rolling Kilns
  • Crystal growing


Temperature Range 600°C - 1800°C
Spectral Range 0.7….1.15 μm
Photodetector Type Si/Si
Distance to spot size ratio 150:1 ( 600°C - 1800°C)
Emissivity (e) 0.1….1.0 adjustable (Single colour mode)
Emissivity Slope (ε1 / ε2)
0.85-1.1 in steps of 1/1000
Response Time 10ms or less
Accuracy ± 0.5% of the measured value + 1°C
Repeatability 0.1% of reading in °C + 1°C
Sighting Options
Through lens along with Laser.
Analog Output 0-20mA, 4-20mA
Operating Temperature 0°C…….70°C
Power Requirement 12V to 28V DC with reverse voltage protection
Laser Power <1 m watt (only PL model)
Protection Class IP65
Housing Stainless Steel
Isolation Power supply, Digital output and Analog output are galvanically islolated against each other
Display (1) LCD/LED display in rear cover. The rear cover of the instrument
have facility to set/change emmisivity, transmitivity and other settings.
(2) Separate display unit supplied with the instruments and have Input 4-20mA and output
Retransmission with 2 relay output

Key Features

  • Wide temperature ranges from 600°C to 1800°C
  •  Focusable optics
  •  Fast Response Time
  •  Spectral range 0.7 μm....1.15 μm
  •  Integrated OLED Display & Parameterizing Keys
  •  Two Color model (switchable to single colour mode)
  •  Sighting through the lens with laser
  •  Analog output options 0...20mA/ 4...20mA
  •  RS-485 Serial interface
  •  User-friendly PC software for communication
  •  Green LED for pyrometer status indication
  •  Red LED for Laser ON/OFF indication




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