Highly Accurate Two Color Online Infrared Non contact pyrometer

350°C to 1350°C

  • Spectral range 1.5μm/1.6 μm
  • Two Color technique
  • Laser targeting / Through the lens view finder sighting options
  • Analog output options available like 0...20mA, 4...20mA and 0...10V
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A250C PL/TL is a highly accurate digital two colour IR pyrometer from A series family for non contact temperature measurement. The Pyrometer measures the temperature of an object by calculating the ratio of the energies at two different wavelength bands. The ratio technique eliminates and reduces errors in temperature measurement caused by changes in Emissivity, Surface finish and energy absorbing materials such as Water vapour etc. The two colour IR Pyrometer is used to measure the temperature in variety of applications in Forging, Annealing, Welding, Sintering Rolling mills, Cement, Glass, Crystal growing and many application where low temperature to be measured in ratio technique.


  • Induction Heating
  • Annealing
  • Welding
  • Forging
  • Sintering
  • Melting
  • Rolling Mills
  • Rolling Kilns
  • Crystal growing
  • Glass


Temperature Range 350°C….1000°C
Spectral Range 1.5μm/1.6 μm
Photodetector Type InGaAs/InGaAs
Distance to spot size ratio 100:1 (350°C….1000°C)
200:1 (450°C….1350°C)
Emissivity (ε)
0.1….1.0 adjustable (Single color mode)
Emissivity Slope (ε1 / ε2) 0.75…1.25 slope adjustable (Two color mode)
Response Time 100 msec adjustable upto 10 sec
Accuracy ± 0.5% of the measured value + 1°C
Repeatability 0.1% of reading in °C + 1°C
Sighting Options
Laser Pilot Light (PL)/ Through The Lens (TL)
Analog Output 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V (User selectable)
Digital Output Bluetooth V2.0
RS-232/RS-485 (User selectable)
*At a time only one digital output possible
Operating Temperature 0°C…….70°C
0°C…..200°C (With water cooling jacket)
Storage Temp. Range  -20°C…70°C
Adjustable Parameters and Features
via Sowares
Power Supply
12V to 28V DC with reverse polarity protection
Power Consumption
Max 2.5 watt
Laser Power <1 m watt
Protecon Class IP65
Housing Stainless Steel
Power supply,*Digital output and Analog output are galvanically isolated against each other
Operang Humidity 10-95%, Non-Condensing Conditions
Weight & Dimensions 600g
Dia= Ø 49.5 mm; Length=118mm

We measure accurate temperature in extreme conditions

Key Features


  • Wide temperature ranges from 350°C to 1350°C.
  • Spectral range 1.5μm/1.6 μm
  • Two Color technique
  • Laser targeng / Through the lens view finder sighng options
  • Analog output opons available like 0...20mA,
    4...20mA and 0...10V
  • Bluetooth V2.0 and RS-232/RS-485(user selectable) Serial interface
  • User friendly PC soware for communication

Standard Scope of Supply

  • Pyrometer with Laser pilot light(PL)/Through the
    lens(TL) sighng(user can select while ordering)
  • Analog output 4...20mA, 0..20mA, 0..10V
  • Digital Interface RS-232 / RS-485(user selectable)
  • Bluetooth V2.0
  • 5 mtr long connecon cable with connector
  • 1.5 mtr. Communicaon Cable
  • Calibraon cerficate, Soware & Operation manual


  • Mechanical & Electrical Accessories
  • Extra Cable Lengths


  • Water Cooling Jacket (Reference no: 8000-08)
  • Adjustable Mounng Stand (Reference no: 8000-07)
  • Air Purge Unit (Reference no: 8000-04)
  • Adjustable Mounng Support (Reference no: 8000-05)
  • Display & Parameterizer P-120
    (Reference no: 9001-01)
  • Converter RS-232 ↔ RS-485 (Reference no: 9000-03) 
  • Power supplyInput 110/230V AC Reference No. 9000 - 02 Output 24 V DC, 0.7Am
  • Tpemperature Indicator (Reference no: 9000-01)



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